Time-Saving Shower Menu Tips

One of the most challenging things about party planning is getting the food just right…and maintaining your sanity. Here in the south (Louisville, KY) the food is second only to the guest-of-honor. As hostesses, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves for everything to be perfect. It’s time to ease up, ladies! If you are pressed for time, consider these strategies when planning your next baby or bridal shower:

1. Deli and Grocery stores

One of our favorite party tips is to rely on your grocery store deli and bakery for your party needs. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out they do much more than sliced ham and cheese. You’ll find an amazing array of party trays, dips, desserts, and seasonal goodies. A fantastic bonus is that these professionals know all about allergies, wine pairings, serving sizes, and seasonal menus. Delis often use fresh, local ingredients as well. This will save you tons of time in grocery shopping, food prep and cleanup.

2. Restaurants

Many restaurants, from fast food to sit-down offer some form of catering or large party to-go options. If the guest of honor loves BBQ from the local place down the street, why not pick up a pan of pulled pork and offer mini sammies at the party? This person will be touched that not only are you hosting a lovely party for them, but that you went above and beyond to include something that they love on the menu.

3. Cohosts

Divide and conquer! Many times with a bridal or baby shower, there are several people close to the bride-to-be or mom-to-be that would love to be involved. Let them! By delegating that someone handle the cake, or by requesting they bring a few dishes, it will lighten your load and allow others to feel they have contributed. These people can arrive early the day of and offer an extra set of hands if needed. Just be sure to involve them early in the process. It will also be nice for the guest of honor to see how much everyone wanted to help.

And these are just a few tips to help the food preperation go faster. It’s your choice whether to make it all yourself, or get some of the items from a store, restaurant or rely on cohosting. Catering is also an option too, but requires a little more research and can sometimes have a larger price tag. (Not always though!)

For the other areas of hosting a shower, if you need ideas about what types of prizes to give away at a shower, check out our post on: shower prizes.

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