5 great prize ideas for showers

You really don’t have to go over-the-top on baby or bridal shower prizes. If you are playing games, remember, they are meant as an icebreaker and to get people comfortable around one another. The prize is really an added bonus. Here are some ideas for crowd-pleasing gifts. Try to gauge what your guests will like in addition to what’s in your budget and go from there!

1. Gift cards

Who doesn’t love a free meal or special item? A gift card to Target, Panera, or (if guests are all local) even a mani/pedi will be the hit of the party. If you are on a budget, a few $5 gift cards to Starbucks will help spread out the winning.

2. Accessories and Scarves

I attended a shower once where a prize was a beautiful silk scarf and all the ladies “oohed” and “ahhed” over it. It truly seemed coveted. With a scarf being so versatile, is it any wonder? They can be worn traditionally around the neck, used as a stylish head cover, tied to a purse for some flair, or even used as a belt.

Other very versatile pieces are a necklace, braclet or earrings. (Note that some people don't have their ears peirced though!) These types of accessories are usually one size fits all and a fun way to spice up the prizes.

3. Candles

Finding a candle in a welcoming scent adds warmth to any home. But some people just don’t feel comfortable burning candles, (I am one of them) so finding one with a welcoming scent and in a beautiful container is a home run. Even if the person doesn’t care for candles, adding a lovely accent to their home will surely be a win.

4. Lotion

Although a more personal option since some have particular scents, lotion is always handy. You could do a variety pack of travel sizes so if one of the scents is not the person’s taste, they can have multiple options, or use it up quickly.

5. Artisan products

Unique, hand crafted items like coasters, picture frames, notepads or local pottery are sure to engage conversation. And, the recipient will be happy to have something that is unique and supports a local business or a good cause. If you don’t have access to those types of products, or are looking for something specific, try Etsy.com

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